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It seems to me there is one word to use here... "WHIPPED!"

Wow is she taking advantage of you and he is too. It sounds like he can't take care of himself let alone a baby.

I know you have autism but is there nothing in you that is screaming?! This man has come into your marriage at her whim; and you did nothing to stop it, came into your child's life and influences her; and you did nothing to stop it, came into your sex life and created a secondary, excuse me, non-existent roll for you; and you have done nothing to stop it, has used you for your money and support; and you have done nothing to stop it, has destroyed any kind of good energy in your household; and you have done nothing to stop it.... where is your back bone is to stand up for yourself, your child and your family.

This is so unacceptable to me. You have created this situation by allowing it to happen way back the first time you wrote. It takes more than just her or him... you did this too. She sounds like she has lost complete respect for you because you fought her on NOTHING. and the measly times you did you backed down and let her have her way.... that builds disrespect and isn't sexy. It doesn't make for anyone to be interested I would think. I would put the dating on the back burned until you make the foundation of your relationship life more solid and you have more to offer, otherwise I would think you will just find more disappointment. I for one would not want to tangle myself in the web you have created... I would run very far! I am wondering if that is what is going on with the women you have met on OKC.

I'm sorry, I'm actually confused as to why you would be writing here again. Having read the excellent advice you got the first time around, why would I be lead to believe that you would consider anyone's advice this time? I have a great many ideas on what you could do next, but I am wondering if you can tell me why I would use my energy for that? I'm sorry if that sounds harsh in this format, but I sometimes think that one needs to ask these things before investing in offering solutions... I am not a fan of wasting my time. If you are interested in using or even considering what people offer on here then I would be willing to start strategizing about it.
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