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Originally Posted by hudsonmark View Post
Admitted meaning she has also a romantic relationship with this man. The fact that she didn't tell me sooner or before she entertained this other relationship can be considered cheating. But it's not what's bothering me.

I don't know but could we be sexually incompatible? That's all she would tell me- our sex didn't feel natural for her.
It would be hard to say. Why exactly is she uninterested in you sexually? What "just" stopped. It sounds very strange. All we can do is guess about what is happening. You need to dive into this with her.

My ex-wife and I stopped having sex. It had become boring and she wasn't interested in playing. The second we broke up and changed the relationship itself, she started wanting sex with me again. So much of sex, especially for women, is tied to their emotional state that it becomes a real challenge to work through it.

Hell maybe it is something as easy as she feels a strong platonic bond with you and has a hard time crossing over intimate friend with lover...
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