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Originally Posted by hudsonmark View Post
My open relationship with this girl is one of the best things that happened to my life. However, a year into our relationship she decided she won't have sex w/ me saying that it felt "unnatural" for her. Her mind is ok w/ it but her body doesn't feel the connection. Last month she admitted that she has a new bf and has sex with him-- because it felt natural for her doing it... with him.
She admitted to having a bf?...was she cheating?

Although we still kiss, cuddle and even sleep regularly together, we do not have sex. I still enjoy being with her and wouldn't consider giving up our relationship. I do have sexual encounters with other women but it was nothing romantic. I really miss having sex with her and I don't really understand what's exactly natural and unnatural for her.My sex with her is the BEST and the most fun I have experienced among all the partners I've had.
What is it that I'm not getting here? Help!!
I'm not sure. That sounds really strange to me. Have you really tried to dig deep to the reasons for her lack of sexual interest in you? Beyond the basic "it feels weird"...
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