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Originally Posted by Skyknight25m View Post
he bought himself some Star Wars miniatures with money he got from his grandparents in a birthday card. In fact, I have paid for them to go out to dinner and a movie once. [snip]

When I come home from work, my toddler is running naked through the house. A potted plant has been dumped out in the kitchen, the garbage is overflowing, all the dishes are dirty, there's food stains on the carpet. G notices that the DVDs on the bookshelf are not organized correctly. He carefully alphabetizes them. Then he goes back to his pristine bedroom to play more videogames.
Congratulations. You now have three children.

Originally Posted by freeantigone View Post
To me, this isn't so much a poly relationship as you supporting 3 kids: your wife, her lover & your child.
Oh I mean FOUR children! I was thinking of the toddler, the boyfriend, and the baby in the oven. I forgot to include your wife as one of the children.

I will probably get reamed for this by the oppression-and-marginalization police for daring to have an opinion without knowing absolutely everything everyone involved is thinking, but you know what? I DON'T CARE.

I wish there was some way I could help you go back in time and prevent this from ever happening. I really really feel bad for you as the supportive partner, you bought them condoms and everything, and FOOSH... she has the nerve to criticize your PENIS? Never mind that it wasn't even your CHOICE to be circumcised??? Arrested for SHOPLIFTING from HOT TOPIC? I don't know what part of this to fixate on...

You are way too good for your wife.

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