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So after the morning monster of yesterday, "C" and I ended up talking and talking, first on phone, then she came over and we talked and talked and talked. I was the one who actually said at one point, "We have already talked about that ad nauseum and I am not going there again." Ah progress!

It was pretty funny, because we had lots of laughs in the process and she wanted me to help her with some 'bikini line' stuff, and I did with the "No Touch" technique. Again, another proud moment for me!!

We ended up going to get our nails done and having a great time, and I felt so attached and secure....until the ride home when she mentioned again that she wanted a 'Date Night' with hubby ONLY. I said that we had talked about this before and I had asked for a little patience. Please just be patient. It will come but it can't happen this weekend. She was pissed, "I hate having limitations placed on me." She came at me a bit and again, I said, "Could we just ignore that last 5 minutes and get back to where we were?" Begrudgingly, she managed to (miraculous recover!) as we pulled into the driveway.

We had a quick bite of dinner and the three of us hit the bedroom for some incredibly good frolicking! It still confuses me a bit because we all are so incredibly compatible in the bedroom and she is INTO me a lot there. So...I will just roll with it and enjoy all the good pieces and try to push through the bad ones. When I feel nice and secure like this, it seems the monster is not even in the picture....of course. Let's hope it stays that way!

Thanks for any other words of wisdom!
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