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Can I just point out that almost everyone thinks they have found the partner of their dreams when they first meet (especially when young, and 24 is really young, especially if its a first serious relationship).

I really don't believe in soulmates, I think there are so many people out there we could build very satisfying relationships with (with the right knowledge, and willingness to work together). In a long distance relationship people are so so different to living with them in real life. I currently have my partner of 12 years and a man who is slightly-more-than-a-friend. I've known this man for longer than my husband, we dated years ago and we've stayed friends. He was best man for my husband at our wedding. But he's never seen me having a tantrum, or sobbing because of PMS. He's never seen me behave really awfully because of stress with the kids or moving house or anything. Neither of us knows anything about what the other person is actually like to live with although he comes to stay at our house for weekends with my hubby and family and has done every year or more since I've known him. Its so easy to have this idea of this perfect person and partner when you've never seen any of the bad stuff.

Really, I would want to live close by, see a lot of her for at least a couple of years before even thinking about life altering decisions. I'd say this mono or otherwise. It took me more than 2 years of living with my husband before I really had a good idea of who he was and how our life would pan out. And of course things change anyway.
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