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Oops, sorry about all the ambiguity, I'm used to places like Facebook and my brain didn't click that there's no picture of me to identify myself. P-town means Peoria Illinois, and yes I am male, sorry. I guess i could stand to be a little more detailed.

I am male married to a woman. Her boyfriend is also married (not to my wife) and the two of them are a part of a poly quad. She (my wife) is also more casually seeing another gentleman as well. I am currently only attached to my wife, though am starting the process of dating a lovely lady I've recently become interested in.

I am 27 and my wife is a year younger, we have been together for 6 years, married for 4, poly for about 1.5, and swinger for a year or so before that. We are also not out about any of it to our parents so far.
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