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Originally Posted by Bibliophile View Post
However, I don't really like the idea that from here on out, my sex life is threesomes or nothing.
That's entirely reasonable. I don't think you should agree to that.

Originally Posted by jennjuice View Post
I think it's a little out there for her to think that you can have a relationship with them both without ever having a relationship with each of them seperate from the other.
Yeah. Unless there's something really specific about sex here, and you're enthusiastic about having only the very specific sex A is okay with, and nothing else about relating to D is going to create similar rules, this is indeed "out there".

Maybe if you give A some gentle feedback about this, and ask her to put herself in your shoes for a while and think about whether or not this sounds like it would work, she'll choose to risk having some unpleasant worries from time to time in exchange for a more functional triad for everyone.
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