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So today, I woke up pretty happy, and started to work in my home office. My hubby was in his office and had begun a Skype chat with "C". As I watched my Skype window stay dormant, I could feel the monster well from the depths. I sat and took some deep breaths. Seriously, wtf?

I have 'consented' to this affair that started out with "C" so in to me, and even now, she calls and texts and Skypes with me multiple times per day. I am receiving attention! Truly! But the monster still growled and I had to try hard to push it back down to the depths. The anxiety stayed with me for most of the morning, until I finally decided to call the hubby at work.

My first inclination to him was to try to tell him HOW HE could fix it! I said, "Um, ya, is there any way that you could just slow down a bit?" He responds, "What is going on? I was the one that broke it off 4 days ago, but you said that you would find a way to deal, so now it is back on. What are you putting us through the ringer for?"

Yikes. I had watched a youtube video of "Non Violent Communication" earlier in the day, so here I went, "Well, I observe you Skyping and chatting and texting, and it makes me feel so insecure/jealous/rejected". So we talked about that for awhile and the anxiety seemed to dissipate out of chest. He reassured me that he wasn't going to run off and that it was probably just NRE and I told him that 'logically' I know all this stuff, but the anxiety is really hard to get a handle on.

By the end of it, we were glad that we had talked BUT agreed that we were going to ignore this conversation!

This whole thing is so complicated and confusing....PLEASE could someone tell me that it actually CAN be done! Flip!
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