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I don't think that's very fair of her.

I guess it's good that she outlines what she will be okay with now, instead of waiting and telling you later on, so kudos to her for that.

I have even written on here that the first time our GF and my Husband have "alone" time I know I'll be jealous, but I do want it for them. I want her to feel the love from him that I feel.

I think it's a little out there for her to think that you can have a relationship with them both without ever having a relationship with each of them seperate from the other.

My GF and I have a love so much different than the love I have for my husband. And I know his love for her is a love seperate than the love he has for me.

I would highly suggest you send her to the site here!! Tell her to IM me anytime, as her and I are stortave in the same boat. We can chat back and forth and find a reasonable answer, if she'd be open to that.

I hope it works out great for you honey!
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