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I too opened a pandora's box in my previous reletionship when my ex-wife wanted to explore a relationship with a woman who was a friend of ours. I got caught up in the sexual side of it, which generalling shuts our thinking brains down, and thought it would be a good idea. When reality struck I responded much the same way as your husband did. I thought I was going to die until I realized that I would be fine without my wife. I didn't need her to live, I was just afraid to not be with her. She spent one night with our friend but it didn't go any further than cuddling apparently.

The positive is that we reconnected for many more good years.

I feel for your husband because there are many things I wish I never did in life so I can relate. I feel for you because it looks like you really connected with this other man.

I don't see him as having issues that need adressing any more than you do...I see two people that may have developed different criteria to share themselves with others. Maybe he needs exclusivity, maybe you don't.

I hope you all find peace and health in this.

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