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OK guess i forgot to tell. Sorry.

Well my husband has a girlfriend but its a long distance relationship. She makes him smile and so happy and i am happy for him. I love seeing him so happy. At the beginning of the relationship they talked non stop but that is normal. I would fall asleep next to him in bed while he talked to her on the phone. But somewhere something went wrong. I was being cut out of things. He would start leaving the room to talk to her. It felt like she wanted to forget i was there. I let it go being i thought it was just them wanting to get to more about each other. Well they decided they wanted to meet and wanted it to be the weekend of his birthday. But the week before I got upset and called off the meeting bc she met some guy and ended up having sex with him the same night. I was scared about the thought of her just having casual sex.

She and i dont talk bc she doesn't want to get to know me. She wants to keep the 2 relationships seperate and that isnt what he nor I want. Its not that we are looking for 3way just to be able to be comfortable with each other.

But anyway the meeting happened. He came home so very happy. And now he misses her like crazy but she not so much with him. She is wanting to go back to have less of a commitment and really wants to keep having casual sex with whoever she wants and I am scared of that. I'm scared of catching something and i don't know if i am being selfish and controlling by saying this cant happen. Or do i need to keep my mouth shut and let her live her life the way she wants and let them 2 have their thing.
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