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I recently ended a relationship of three years. My new BF lives in the southwest. My husband, has stated that he would be willing to transfer to be near him. My husband loves me and wants me happy. He knows my BF has a hard time with the idea of sharing. We have been togather a long time and have children.

I have talked to my husband about my love for my BF. He knows we are seriously connected. As much as he enjoys my happiness with my BF. As much as he wants me happy, he knows that if we broke our marriage for me to go make my BF happy. It would be only meeting one person's needs, BF's. Our children wouldn't be happy, my husband wouldn't be happy and seriously, I wouldn't be happy with my children living a spilt life. The only person who would be happy is BF. He however, would soon feel the resentment of my children's spilt holidays.

I think changing your life so drastically, becoming mono to "please" one person when the ripples on the pond affect so many is more then rash.
I can't see making the those changes unless there was a solid base of a relationship. That is where I personally am with my situation.

I realize we are in NRE. I am not breaking up my family for a man, I don't know welll. My BF is also christain and he understands the need to move slowly. I do think there is such a thing on here called a cowgirl. Seems like maybe she is one.

I hope I didn't speak out of turn. Yesterday, apartment shopping with BF made me do some hard thinking about what I was really committed to doing.
I still love my husband deeply.
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