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Originally Posted by Brunetteangel03 View Post
I am glad I didn't over react and really sat with my thoughts last night. I was honestly trying not to take it all personally, because I know they both love me, but I am not sure if they realize what turmoil I was in last night.
Hey Angel,

Excellent ! It takes practice

It's fair to bring the general situation up in a nice way. They probably do NOT realize how difficult it is being in your position ! So approach it in an educational way. Try to explain (in a nice way) how difficult it is being in the role of secondary - especially at first. Try not to make it a pressure conversation - just informational. If you come across as demanding and needy it's going to have a negative impact on everyone. Undoubtedly they need to do some homework on the realities of such relationships and you trying to bring this point up and bring some insight to them is what's required right now.

Again, hard as it is, patience, patience, patience ! Anything good is worth waiting for. Moving to fast can ruin the potential.

Does that make sense ?

Keep us posted.

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