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Originally Posted by BadLucyLiu View Post
Instead, I have a husband who is an emtional wreck, crying all the time, incapable of having sex with me anymore and I have to be the strong one and pretend that I don't mind that he's given me something wonderful and then taken it away.
Hey Lucy,

It's a hard decision - and hard how you came to have to make it - but in my opinion you are doing the right thing by dropping this external relationship. For now <<<<.

If it helps any, and not to discredit your feelings or any such, take my word for it that this "connection" you feel you may have established with this other guy is likely not all you think it is just yet. True connections require much more personal interaction to determine. It's more likely that what you are experiencing is a combination of lust, a taste of NRE, infatuation and the rush of the discovery of a new side (and potential) of yourself.

If there is any real potential in this other guy he will understand this. If not then you'll have more insight into his true personality & desires.

But more importantly (the golden lining ?) you have uncovered some real hidden issues your husband has been carrying around. There are some serious issues there that HE needs to confront and deal with. You're a team - right ? Try to get him to acknowledge these issues openly, realize how dangerous they are to his real being, and see if you can't work as a team on his personal growth.

If you can do this you both will benefit tremendously ! It's very likely something like this would have made those issues surface eventually so it may be that it happening in the way it did may be less painful and dramatic than some of the alternatives. Remember the lemons/lemonade saying ?

Good luck and keep us posted.

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