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Smile Hello from Sheffield, UK

Hello all

I'm Hartless, 26 year old girl living in Sheffield, UK. I'm pansexual, poly and kinky. BDSM is hard wired into my sexuality and I take the dominant role in my relationships. I also enjoy board games, picnics in the park, feeding the ducks, hanging out with my girlfriend's 5 year old, Italian food and cuddling my cat.

I currently have 2 wonderful partners. My girlfriend, L, is experienced with poly relationships and my boyfriend, M, is brand new to poly. My relationships are seperate relationships in their own right, with L and M cultivating a friendship, but I must admit, there's nothing that makes me happier than spending the day with both of them at the same time , feels like family .

I'm fairly new to practicing poly although I've been aware that I'm poly-minded for a few years. I've spent time thinking, reading and talking about poly over the last year or so but I have a lot to learn. I've also attended workshops about poly and been lucky enough to spend time with poly families. So far, having multiple relationships with wonderful people is making me happier than I've ever felt and it seems like a good fit!

I'm here to contribute to the discussions and hopefully learn a bit more about poly issues.

Hartless xx
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