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Originally Posted by ThatRomanticGeek View Post
She didnít feel like she could share me with Michelle, that she loves with her whole heart and feels like she needs the same


She said that she wasnít able to accept that she would never be able to marry me


Bree wants the traditional white picket fence, husband, and 2.5 kids.
I'm not really getting why you think that this relationship could work. We can't expect to have relationships with everyone we fall in love with. I do get that you want it to work very badly, but the above doesn't sound like someone who is going to be happy being involved with a married man. If you're resenting your wife because Bree wishes that she didn't exist, imagine how resentful Bree is going to get if she tries to commit to this, and has to give up on the things she wants. And why should she? Practically any other potential partner she could fall for would likely want that too.

As for leaving your wife to go have the mono- relationship with Bree that she wants, I'd strongly encourage you to, at the very least, spend more than one weekend in her company before indulging that train of thought any further. Even if you didn't have ten years of marriage, and kids, and a wife who sounds remarkably supportive, I wouldn't recommend uprooting your life before having spent a lot more time with each other. Corresponding with someone and living with them are two very different experiences.
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