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Mono and I had such a good night the other night. I arranged to go over there right after work so that we could spend an entire night. I know he is alone and loves when I am around him for long periods of time... just existing together. We had a lovely evening at the OH (other home) and even though I was ill still, we managed to get a long walk in.

Earlier in the week I went to Derby's for the evening and chatted up a storm... had some good laughs too. I was feeling really crappy and had to leave earlier than I usually do, but it was still good to just sit and hang out... catch up on what has been happening for us after a two week break while we both dealt with family stuff.

I saw my Non-sexual boyfriend (NSB) tonight who I also had some catching up to do with also. I was feeling a bit removed at first as I don't have a lot of energy to give right now, but he let me talk my self through all the stuff that has been going on and I appreciated that he listened through the whole thing, asked questions and offered support. He is such a great guy... he struggles with mental health issues and doesn't get out much, but we are good for one another in a way that is all our own...

I love that we all have the option to make up our own relationship dynamics and let them take the course they are meant to take... no cultural rules, no drama to follow a certain way and all creatively exploring each other for who we are.... love it!
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