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thanks for all the encouragement and support it's very helpful...

So, I don't know where we are at this week. We are just sitting pretty until friday I think. We have a big date night PN and I. We have no child for the night and are going to look at our finances!!! woooo hooooo! oh I'm so excited *sarcasm*

I think it's a good idea to do somethings I don't really like doing for the greater good of pleasing my loves and also knowing something about them that I don't really know about. In that way they and I will feel close, and that is a good thing. The pay back is that they should also do things they don't like doing but I do for the same reason.

I don't mean always to do that, but at least enough to know something about what they are interested in and to show some interest in their lives.

this is what I intend to do on friday.... then we get to go for dinner, which is my FAVORITE thing to do!

Ya, I am just waiting right now and hoping that this isn't blow over number 6 (?). The guys are talking and I find that promising... I'm trusting them to come up with something that I can tangibly look forward to. We shall see.
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