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Yes Polly. We all have a pretty strong relationship with each other. We recently went through a tough spot that would have broken apart a lesser quad.....but thankfully, S & D have seen through MY issues, and we are all still on the same page....kinda.

S & D refuse to accept being "polyamorous". They claim to be "swingers" and S won't have anything to do with "that polygamy crap". D seems to be onboard with being Poly, but it's a slow hard road that I am on. So we call it "Friends with bennifits". The NRE is fantastic, but it has a tendancy to drain not justr days, but months, out of you when you crash.

I am not a person who cries. However, I have almost cried a few times in the last two weeks due to this relationship. Is it worth it? Yes. I would say it is. The last time L and I were over at S&D's house, I told them all that if any of us had a problem, we needed to bring it to the attention of the other couple right away. With little regard for embarrassment or anything else, we NEED to do this right away, because if we don't, we spend days apart just miserable.

As a plus, on Mondya, I start my new job working with S at his job. This should help us to become even closer. Add to this the fact that we are moving closer to S&D within the next month and a half, and I will get to witness D and L getting closer as well. I'm really hoping this pulls us all even closer. Ideally, when all the kids are out of our respective houses, I would like for L and I to move in with S&D or visa-versa. But thats at least 5 years in the future.
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