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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I've been noticing the word genderless being used here. This is not a term I have heard used in the trans community. I think the preferred term is genderqueer, or androgynous, depending to whom you speak.

Actually, Neon, I respect that's your opinion, but as a genderqueer person myself, I object to it. Agree to disagree. Some traditional cultures that are accepting of transppl identify up to 30 genders. This may not be important to you as a woman firmly on your side of the spectrum, but it is important to many in the trans community, not "babble," which is a dismissive term.

For example, what would you call a person born with ambiguous genitalia? Do they have to choose sides to make you comfortable? Certainly doctors in Western culture choose a side for them at birth, assigning them one kind or another of sex organs through surgery. The doctors (our culture) are not comfortable leaving them be.

Listen. I read books. I watch Star Trek. I know there are hermaphrodites with representations of both genitalia and gonads. But it takes TWO, not THREE or THIRTY genders to reproduce. This isn't science-fiction. Show me a picture of a "third gender". Something with bits OTHER than a penis or vagina. Something OTHER than testes or ovaries, or a combination of the two. SHOW me a Z chromosome.

No one has to "choose sides" to "make me comfortable". Just SHOW ME an example of a "third gender", other than an abstract intellectual concept.

"Psychobabble" in this case is taking an old idea and acting like it's new just because someone thought of a cool-sounding word for it.

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