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This is interesting to read because I identify as bisexual but could potentially be attracted to transgender people (I haven't really had to make that call in real life, that I know of, but I see no reason to rule it out). I am comfortable with the term bisexual since 1) I won't have to explain a whole new term to people at the same time I explain my orientation to them and 2) I feel it can cover attraction to transgender people regardless of what gender they started as. I also understand why people like the term pansexual, but sometimes the conversation makes it sound like bisexual people are never attracted to transgender people or genderless people, when many are and just prefer to use the more common word. I don't want someone to assume that because I'm bi, I am somehow not able to be attracted to those people or less accepting of those genders than someone who prefers the word pansexual.
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