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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ive met and spoken with lesbians who were partnered with a butch lesbian, then this butch realizes she is actually male, and transitions. The relationship may or may not survive. The nontrans partner, if she stays with the other, now male, person, may still cling to her dyke ID, even tho she now seems heteronormative when walking down the street with her transman or boi.

And now she's stuck with dealing with all that testosterone... just like straight women. God bless her heart.
Thanks for writing this. This is how I came into accepting pansexual as my definition of my sexuality. I was lesbian idenetified for about ten years and around age 30 there was suddenly more talk about trans and a bunch of my friends decided they were trans or genderless. I had been interested in a few of them and the thought of them changing genders or being genderless didn't change that. In fact it actually was more attractive as they were more confident. To me confidence in someone is very attractive, regardless of gender. In some cases I either sat up and noticed them more or was attracted more.

As to M to F?; this is newer to me and a bit more puzzling. While I keep my mind open, I haven't met anyone who I find attractive yet. I am open to the possibility though.
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