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I am glad I didn't over react and really sat with my thoughts last night. I was honestly trying not to take it all personally, because I know they both love me, but I am not sure if they realize what turmoil I was in last night. This morning I still feel a bit hurt, but I am more rational than I was last night. I decided to post, because I wasn't sure if I should just expect this or chat about it and get his view on this too. Her and I's relationship is still very new, so I talk more with him than her about these things. Him and I have been chatting off and on by text this morning and he sensed I had a rough night, but I told him it wasn't entirely because they were gone last night. There were other reasons, for example the heat was brutal so I tossed and turned and I got a nasty call with the ex husband. I will try and chat with him later, and try not to let emotion get in the way too much...
<3 Michelle
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