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Unhappy emotion getting in the way?

So like I have said in previous posts, I am in a triad with a military couple who have recently gotten back from Iraq. Well because of this, they didn't have a place to stay unless they wanted to spend hundreds on a hotel for 2 months. They have been trying to buy a house (which closes at the end of this week ) So they have been at my house. He has been there for 1 month and her only 2 weeks.

Well last night was the first night they decided to have a date night by themselves and stay in a hotel for the night. I won't lie, it was hard on me. I never get a night alone with him anymore and he ignored my texts all night (I only texted a few times) He didn't call or text to say good night either. I was at least hoping for that. I mean I totally understand that they are a married couple, but does that mean he will just put me aside sometimes? I think he should have at least told me he wouldn't be communicating all night, but to just NOT do it. And when we go on dates together he texts his wife most of the night...I don't know maybe I am just letting my stupid emotions run wild, I think there needs to be more communication on this topic with him though, just so I am clear what to expect the next time.

They will be moving out soon, and I am fully aware they won't be in my bed anymore and I have been preparing myself for that, but does that mean he or she won't call/text me at night to say good night?

Am I being stupid here?
<3 Michelle
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