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SC : good question.

I can sum it up easily, in the sense that 'Attraction" is based on multiple points to me. It is the sight of someone, hearing them, smelling them, the meeting of the minds, how they touch,..who they are, it`s everything. It all has to come together, to be part of my attraction to them.

When one of those things is absent, or vanishes, then the attraction disappears.

'Genitalia" would be a part of that. I can say without question, that the various physical aspects of being transgendered, is not physically attractive to me. That would be part of the 'sight', or the physical attraction.

Since I see no shame in anyone being transgendered, I would not suddenly recoil if I thought someone was of one sex, and they turned out to be transgendered.

Then, it would be much like any other type of initial attraction, then ends up dissipating. Not all the parts of attraction are there for me to follow through with.
For example, If I met a straight male, thought he was initially cute, but then some other aspect caused the attraction to diminish, ..
Well, a shrug of the shoulders would occur, and onward I would carry.

Since I have dealt with someone who was post-op having a interest in me, I can say without a doubt, that the attraction wasn`t there for me, though we continued to be good friends until I moved out West.

Could I guarantee it would always be this way ? Of course not. I can say that past behaviour is the greatest indicator of future behaviour, so most likely not. Who knows how I`ll feel when I am 40 ? 50 ? etc,...I can only be true to my personal laws of attraction as they stand right now.

This is protocol for all areas of my attraction to someone, and I imagine for most people. You start with interest, and based on what you find out, the interest grows, or dissipates.
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