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Yesterday I wrote to her.
Hi M,

I've written to [your husband] a couple times since we all met and have had no response at all. So I thought I'd give this one last shot and contact you.

I am in the dark as to where I fit in your lives right now. I am guessing I am not welcome. This saddens me, as [your husband] and I have been good online friends, if nothing else, for quite some time now, and I miss his presence and support in my life, even if nothing more fully realized comes out of our connection.

This lack of communication has got me pretty down. I feel rather depressed about it. I wish I could get more information from one or both of you as to what is going on. I feel disrespected.

If you two are struggling with poly boundaries and just don't see adding a new lover to your "family" right now, that's fine. I just wish someone would let me know one way or the other so I can move on and heal my heart. Thank you.

Ball's in their court. I am not optimistic. It's been 2 weeks now since we met, and I am getting used to the idea it might all be over, and I've even lost a good friend, never mind a lusty sex partner.
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