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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
But if you look for MMF, where there is also male on male sex, it is a lot more difficult, or at least does not come up as often. Of course, this is just from my own searching/viewing experience which may not be as extensive as others.
When I turned 18, I was so excited to go out and rent porn for my birthday party. I got two videos, one was supposedly "bisexual porn". The "bisexual" part consisted of a naked woman standing beside the bed while 4 guys gang banged each other. :/ I got ripped off, not one penis went in a vagina!!

In mainstream porn, they don't even bother calling it bisexual if the women are making out with each other, with some guys fucking random holes. It's just "regular" porn. Hell, half the so-called "lesbian porn" I've seen still has men in it! Yeesh! Thus perpetuating the fantasy that any hot lesbian couple is secretly just waiting for a guy to break down the door and fuck them both. Argh.
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