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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Crow, I think this is the best thing that's ever happened to he and I- really - not our wedding day, not his most beautiful bajno-pickin night - this. This because we never knew each other so intimately in the 5 yrs we've been together, and he and I, like everyone, have fought tooth and nail for those years, shared so much, learned so much---

And now we are finally getting naked with each other.
Heh. Mellencamp's song "I Want You To Dance Naked" comes to mind.

That sounds like an interesting experience. Is it like getting to know a whole different person? I've never hidden from a partner in that fashion, so it's foreign territory for me in that regard. I've had partners hide from me like that--and quit hiding only after splitting up--so that part's not unusual.

I'm fascinated at how it all comes together. So, color me interested should you ever want to describe what's happening at great length.
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