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There is some really good comments here. It seems that after a night, or whatever of casual sex, some people, who are newbies to it and just figuring out who they are, get that "OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE" feeling. Its a body feeling as much as a mind feeling, kind of of dread and guilt, and anxiety and excitment at the same time. I see it as similar to a hang over in that its a day after kind of thing. It takes some time to sort out feelings and allowing ones body to settle. There is an energy release when the culmination of fantasy becomes reality and it can be exhausting.

I would suggest just relaxing and letting it settle before moving on. See what comes of it and what new things you've bothe discovered. There is no rush. Explore all the options and realize that you are different people with different desires and needs. Please don't do something that you know will be uncomfortable and if you do, don't do it again and learn about yourself from the experience.
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