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Originally Posted by jennjuice View Post
I don't think that you are selfish because you want more time. I would also in that situation. I mean, you had him as much as you wanted while she was you're down to one night a week? Boooo on that. LOL

I know I think that is why I am having so much difficulty with the transition of not having so much time with him. I also understand though that they need that time together, because of the length of time they spent apart.

But again, I understand she just got home and needs that one on one time with him, but hey, you do to.

They are in YOUR house? Wow. I didn't know that girley. I bet you are ready for them to close on the house so you can get some peace huh? LOL! Just kidding, I'm sure you are having a good time with their stay.

LOL! Yes and no...I am kinda ready for them to go, but at the same time, love the company. I lived alone before they arrived and I have to mentally and emotionally prep myself for their moving out.

You must be a people person to walk into a relationship with 4 kids. LOL! I'm sure it's going to make you feel so great to meet those children.

Actually it is completely opposite, I am very shy! lol. I think that is why I was so terrified to meet her, but it is wonderful now! I love kids, they are alot of fun!

Make sure you update when you do get to meet them! I can't wait to see how they respond to you, and vice versa.
I am very excited to meet the kids and I will def be updating as this relationship and such progresses...
<3 Michelle
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