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I'm nosey, sorry. Please feel free to not answer if this is to personal.

Do you live close to your couple?

Have you and her had any alone time together?

Have the three of you had "alone" time together?

I know you and him have been together alone because she was gone for a while........but have you and him since she's been home?

When do they plan on letting you meet the kids?

Are they planning on seeing anyone else?

Are you planning on seeing anyone else or just them?

I've been following your threads and just had to ask you those things because, well, I'm nosey.

You sound like you are walking into this without being scared at all. I did see when she first got back you were a little scared about it, but it's all worked out so well so far!!

I think the big thing is that I know you are soooo excited to be in this relationship, but take your time, just like you would with any other relationship. The newness will rub off and when it does it's a married couple with 4 kids! LOL! There's going to be alot more things to worry about than alone time at that point, you know what I mean?

The newness of a relationship is always so awesome. The butterflies are great. I think the key to happiness is finding people that give you those butterflies every day of your life.

Anyway, I hope everything works out perfect for you. You sound so bubbly and happy you definatley deserve it.
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