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Originally Posted by rabbit View Post
I think the fact that being bi is listed as a choice, as well as the assumption that bi women are better, are insulting.

Being bi isn't a choice, just like being gay or straight isn't a choice. My life would be a lot easier in a lot of ways if I was straight (not that I wish I was, but the whole "choice" thing completely invalidates the experience of being a sexual minority in a heteronormative society).

I think it's one thing to say "I prefer being with bi women" but to say that they are flat out better or smarter is pretty lame.
It would likely also be easier to be gay. I find that a lot of lesbian women don't believe that you can be bi. They either think that you're in denial or that you're just messing around with women for fun without any chance of it developing into a relationship.

And I also second that it isn't a choice. I really don't get why people think it is a choice.
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