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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Shit didn't you just have that? Does it last the entire month
Once a month *sigh* but this month seems to have gone by exceptionally fast....

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
If you read my blog you will see what I wrote about expectations. Try to create an environment where you have an ideal or expectation makes the failure of that even more traumatic.

Try to be as fluid wiyth your wants and needs as possible and you might surprise yourself. As a unicorn hunting threesome lover, I would never have expecting to get involved with a beautiful woman who has a husband. If I have limited myself to my ideal, I wouldn't have that opportunity in front of me
At this point - if I don't have *something* to work towards -the unknown will make me crazy(ier). The *something* is simply peace. My ideal is peace. Comfortable in my skin and in how I process things. Right now - its a freaking rollercoaster and I need for that to relax. Oh oh! Remember that Sunday you wanted to go home? That's pretty much my ideal - everyone just enjoying everyone's company.
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