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I know I am 'open' in mindset. In my mind I am open,..but when it comes to actual relationships, I definitely see a pattern. The pattern works for me, so no reason to kill it.

I do enjoy being proven wrong, when I think I have myself known to a 'T'...

I had a interesting experience Friday night, meeting a younger man through a few friends. He had been a semi-finalist on one of those hit dance shows.

We ended up in deep convo about poly, dancing, dance schools, cross dressing, and living outside the norm. It was a really fantastic conversation. It reminded me of a few things to keep 'open' about.

Though I do enjoy objecting to micro- labels, we still need a few adjectives at the end of the day. If someone asks me what my sexual orientation is, I can`t just stare back at them and dazzle them with my mime-like qualities.
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