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We have lots of talks. Not easy ones either, but things need to be worked through....she works through things differently than I a writer doing rough drafts working towards a final edit...but talking instead of writing through the rough drafts...working on what is being said until sometimes hours later getting to a resolution. It's tough....I don't work like that...get to the point....say what you mean....but I sit there and listen, doing my best to be supportive while she works through what she is saying....not always succeeding.....but in the end , we do get there. With her it's kind of like an onion.....peel back one layer...and there's another through that one....damn, another layer But things are getting better..slowly...still not easy, but easier...this journey of poly is at same time, the easiest and the hardest thing I have ever done.....the simplest and the most complex. I am enjoying the good stuff...learning from the rest and always love.
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