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Default I was saying....not much energy towards the end of the day. Enter my wife....energetic, vivacious, sexual...and I have no energy on a regular to be her if you know what I mean. MBG and I have developed in the past few years a great relationship...we talk all the time about everything. She starts mentioning that she has needs that I am not meeting....understandable, tough to hear, but understandable. She wants to open our marriage, explore relationships with other people. Now, while I understood this.....I wasn't ready for that step. The seed however, had been planted and she came back every now and then to see where I was on it. She talked lots about we could both benefit from it...she could get what she needs...I would be less pressured. Eventually I started looking at it in a different light and then the day after meeting some incredible people I recognized that I would be okay with opening things up for my wife. I certainly didn't think that I would ever meet anyone. I don't post on forums, I'm usually shy, generally I don't put myself out wife, MBG does.

So what happens after months of convincing me to open things up for her? She has had difficulty connecting with those she is attracted to. Me? I, of all people, connected in a big way with someone very special to me. I wasn't looking for just happened. My wife had prepared herself to support me through my difficult time of adjustment to her new relationships and had never entertained the possibility of it happening to her. She was totally unprepared for, had never even considered that she would be the one needing the support.
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