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Default Not so willing Wellington and the story of his conversion.

Hi everyone, I am Mark and I am new to this thing called Poly. I came into this reluctantly. For me, initially when my wife mentioned it, this lifestyle choice seemed like a huge stretch. A little hard to wrap my mind around, it wasn't something that I had ever considered. It had simply never crossed my mind. I wouldn't think that I had the energy for it at any rate, if it had crossed my mind.

A little background on myself may help here. I live with 2 invisible disabilities. An auto-immune disease called Ankylosing spondalitis, which affects me profoundly. Spine is fusing, SI joints are fused, ribs are fused, periferal joints are compromised, lovely little boney growths on elbows and knees, ligaments, eyesight is slightly affected. Basically my immune system decided my skeletal structure and ligature were foreign bodies and started calcification of said foreign bodies. Range of motion is compromised as is my ability for movement. Pain is my everpresent companion. He wears me out. I am on some fairly aggressive treatment which slows the progression of the illness but there is no cure. Then there is my heart disease, two heart attacks last year that left me with a damaged ticker and more meds...don't get me started on side I have great days and some not so great days. I look like nothing is wrong with me most days, but I do wear out as the day progresses....less energy for things I'll get more to the point in a sec.
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