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So, what you guys are saying is that people think that when someone says that they're "bisexual", as opposed to "pansexual", it must mean they want to have sex with everyone they meet, just because they are male or female?

That's the silliest thing I ever heard. It would seem to follow that heterosexuals want to have sex with every person of the opposite sex, and homosexuals want to have sex with every person of the same sex. We're ALL attracted to "people not genders". I have never met a single person that was attracted to others JUST because they were a certain gender. That's like saying you're attracted to people just because they are a certain race. I know there are folks who date only people of certain races, but that still doesn't mean that someone who dates, say, only African Pygmies is attracted to every African Pygmie they happen to meet.

Get real.
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