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Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
They wont focus on that thought, most christians are too god fearing to think against anything their preists tell them. Its a shame cause alot of them are good people
I have a born again cousin whom I grew up with and I love her and her family deeply. They are some of my closest family members. But, even if I came fully out to everyone else, I could never tell her. She's so brainwashed that I know she'd immediately disown me, regardless of our wonderful relationship.

I am neither Christian nor religious, though I do believe in a god in some form. "God is love." If what you're doing is between consenting adults, not hurting anyone, and focused on love with all its unifying and healing power, I don't see why it should go against your faith. It may possibly negate some of the "beliefs" you've been TAUGHT, but do you want to believe something is right that holds you and others back from happiness in this life? Instead of searching in an ancient book or in the supposed wisdom of people who want to dictate your life, search your own heart and soul. You'll know.
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