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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Wow!! I'm glad I found your blog this evening!!! So glad to hear more of your story!! I love blogs!!! I had a few comments for you!!

First of all, I had to smile when you said you were wondering if you are getting too old....35...... and also questioning whether or not you could love again.....and feel that urge, undeniable desire, lust and love or are you "stuck” for the rest of your life.
I guess we all wonder that and sometimes it seems that we never will experience that again......especially after a break up. But, it looks like you can, right?!?!? That's awesome!!
Absolutely. I guess that would be another of my lessons learned.

The whole subject of expectations is so interesting to me. On the one hand, in order to make things happen in our lives, we have to move forward with determination while expecting success and achievement. But, in order to really enjoy something fully, we have to approach it with limited expectations.....especially love.

Have a great weekend and can't wait to hear more!!!
Thats the balance right. I suppose this varies per person. If the failure of an expectation isn't going to unbalance your wants and needs, and change how it affects you slightly, than expectations can probably be healthy. Its when the failure of said expectation disrupts your life that it can be a problem.

My expectations of what I wanted to happen with E were what created my episodes of insanity. If I had let things lie, and had some dreams, I would have cleared my head and heart a lot faster.
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