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Thank you, jkelly. I've been thinking some of those things, but they hadn't yet coheased.

Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
invite them to spend time with you and TP, or you and TP and Mr. A (if that's possible and the dynamic is a good, um, advertisement for being poly-).
Very subtly put.

We're still working on getting comfy together. We're not doing all that bad. More a case of me watching my casual touches so as not to cause a jealousy flare.

When we had dinner together the other week, I was actually relaxed ... But I'm not sure an "outsider" would appreciate the work it's taken to get this far and might pick up on the awkwardness we still have.

Then again, maybe it would be heartening for a mono girl to meet Mr. A and get his perspective on falling into a relationship with me!

Things to consider ...
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