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Alrighty,..I`ll clarify. I tend to stick (sticking pan, I am,.err,..not. :P ) to the bisexual label, if I must pick one. It`s like being dominant.

I joke I am in the 98 percentile, so I might as well just put that instead of switch.

Same for bisexual. Im in the third quartile there. So for now, might as well leave it at that.

I knew the definition of pansexual, I was wondering where the division is with someone like me. I seem to be able to be possibly attracted to males who cross dress, but not transgendered.

Typing this out, I see I now have a answer to that question. I do have a division in my head, so that puts me as bisexual, rather then the 'free' to be attracted to whatever floats my way ' - pansexual.

Okie dokie, I got hung up mixing a fetish with a way of being. All corrected now ! Feel feel to correct if I am wrong.
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