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All this sex, does not make you 'poly'. Phone, sexting in bed,..thats not poly, thats just broadening your sexual horizons at best.

What potentially makes you poly-minded, is your discovery of needing a connection with another person, before being able to think about sex.

As for the rest of it,..your husband and you have rushed things. Slow down. It`s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment because things feel good. Unfortunately once all those feel-good horny moments pass, many people start thinking about the actuality of what they have done.

Anything new and unknown in life, is going to stir up doubt. Wether its a new hobby, a new house, or a new way of living. Swinging, Poly, Sex is no different. Acknowledge this. Help your husband to acknowledge all the doubts, and talk about working your way through them, instead of letting doubts control your life.
Do you let doubts stop you from buying a car ? a house ? changing careers ? Most of us weigh the odds of such things, and it becomes job/house/car specific. The 'right' deal makes us move forward.

If you need a connection with a person, but this scares your husband as he only wanted casual sex,..then you two could slow down, and start out just making the right 'deal' with each other.

Friendship, start,.??.but nothing more,...etc,....Who knows ?,..That is up to you two to decide.

As for the climaxing so quickly......tell him in a nice, wifey, loving way, to get over it. You were doing something new and titilating and your body responded to it. He`ll know exactly how that feels the first time another woman touches him again. He`ll have a 'lighbulb' moment when that happens. ( Do not rush out and have a 3some to prove this,..please.)

If it doesn`t, tell him to buy a new toy to use on you, and watch the same thing happen. Its natural for our bodies to respond to the rush and excitement of something new.

Random thoughts,..all I can think of for now. Good Luck !

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