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What a great weekend. I am so thrilled to of made some new friends in the real. I had wished that we could of spent more time with Ari and his wonderful wife, but I am being patient and realizing that there is plenty of time. There is no rush to get to know anyone, no one is going anywhere, although I do have to say I have a bit of NRE about our friendship. HA! I'm so poly

I loved that this weekend was created out of posting an event on facebook that simply said we were going camping and this is our site number and it would be great if others occupied the sites around us... I had no idea that others would want to come and share time with each other! We have four sites in all and about 20 people... all walks of life but sharing in the same experience; they all took each other for who they are. We were a motley bunch for sure, but everyone took care of each other... no food, I will give you some, no sleeping bag, have this one, I am feeling sad, here is a hug and a listening ear, my back hurts, let me massage it for you, I think this way, I respect that and here is my opinion,,, isn't it great that we are different from one another.

So amazing...

I have faith in the world when blessed with the presence of such caring, compassionate, respectful, interesting and loving people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who read here and experienced/created this weekend with me.
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