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Originally Posted by Passionista View Post
I do know that many women in poly or swinging or experimenting relationships try many things they normally wouldn't at the urging of their S/O, some even under duress and with many regrets.
I have noticed some of this too. The way you said this was just fine Passionista... you didn't generalize and clearly say that "many" and "some" experience this... all seems quite clear that you don't mean every woman. Don't worry about censoring yourself; if you use language in the way you have above, if someone takes offense then I would suggest that they are the ones that need to look inward. You seem to be writing just fine.

I have noticed far more bi-curious women or bi-situational women than actually bi. To me, my pansexuality is about being able to love a woman and desirous of her sexuality merging with mine. Not about poking around her body cause it is kinda cool to check it out and "weeeee look at me I am bi. Do you find this hot honey?"

I think men can be just as bi as women, they just haven't caught up to being open about it in our society... as Magdlyn said, there are many that are underground and bursting to be understood and open without it in some way being an attach on their masculinity if they do.

By the way, I am thinking that you were joking Fleur...? I, for one, need no help from anyone in conducting my bi activities. How about you? Do you need help? Can I be of assistance?
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