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I am worried that if I mention that I am dating a couple he will connect the dots and guess who. He happens to be a close friend of A's brother and they have decided that they don't wish her family to know. I am not entirely sure if I am poly yet. I'm certainly poly-curious but I ended up in poly bc I care about O and I don't yet know if later I will pursue other poly relationships. I might be happy just being mono. I'm on the young side and haven't dated very much so I'm still discovering what I like/am. If he and I hang out again, we will certainly have to talk about our expectations since I don't see it going further than a friendship. As for the couple, they are very supportive of me dating other people and they were actually present for a good portion of the date. I think that they are assuming that if I begin to seriously date someone else, I will then stop dating O. We haven't really broached the topic of maintaining the secondary relationship if I happpened to gain a primary. I think they would be open to it but I can't be sure. Ah, another talk to have!
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