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Originally Posted by ray View Post
I'm not sure that I have romantic feelings for him and I don't wish to stop dating O.
If you don't have romantic feelings for him, you can let him know that, and then continue to hang out from time to time. There's no reason to discuss your love life with him if there's no interest on your part.

Originally Posted by ray View Post
I don't think that any of us would feel comfortable sharing our relationship with him given his connection to her family. I don't really know what to do. I mean, even if I do hang out more with him, when would I express the situation and how do I explain it w.o sounding psychotic given that I can't tell him who it is that i'm dating.
So... your partner is in the closet and you are therefor constrained from going into the details of your love life with this person. I think just not talking about your love life at all is both saner and safer than saying "There's someone but I can't tell you who" which is indeed going to sound pretty weird. Just change the subject, or say that you're not comfortable with the topic, if it comes up.

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