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Default Hello from P-town

Hello, nice to meet you all, this isn't my first post (maybe it should have been) but I just recently discovered this site.

A little about myself, I am barely under 30, ecstatically married to a wonderful woman, a free thinking, non churchy Christian who believes that God never intended for us to limit the joy and love that we experience in our lives to one "soul mate."

Beyond the warm fuzzies above, I am a total and complete technophile, as I write this from an iPad, and avid gamer, reader, musician (nothing too cool, just trumpet). I still manage to be a bit of a homebody, which I sometimes hate.

I am looking foreword to getting to know you all, as central Illinois might as well be the Bible belt when it comes to poly community, it really doesn't exist here.

Well, I guess that'll do it.
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