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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
I think you sound like you have found your niche in the world

This was by far the most fun I have had within our community
The weekend had a great turnout of old and new friends. Ariakas and Pengrah were a a gift to meet in person and we will see more of them in the future for sure. I also got to know Gemini's partner more and was very impressed by his knowledge of all things sharp and pointy! Redpepper's brother was with us and I think he had a good time and really felt a part of his sister's life again after a long year of wondering what his role was with this new dynamic in the family.

There was a completely inviting atmosphere for an incredibly diverse group of people. From gender identification to relationship nature, everyone treated each other with caring and acceptance. There were no arguments but there was discussion that spawned randomly without any formal structure. There was no agenda to the weekend other than people coming together with one expectation; to feel respected, included, and free to be themselves. It was great to see my mono friends relaxing and mingling comfortably with everyone and I couldn't help but think that this was one of the keys to building awareness and acceptance; just being who we are without unintentionally segregating ourselves by putting all the focus on how we have relationships instead of who we are as people.

I feel more invested in the people around me than I ever have and simply had a hell of a good time laughing and hanging with everyone

Thanks to Redpepper for putting so much energy in to making this happen. I love you Lilo

and thanks to all of my fellow campers on guys were a blast!

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